Degrees and Dungarees

Hello friends!

So I’ve been feeling uneasy about a few things lately , between finishing uni and other personal conflicts… June has been a strange month.

Never being one to dwell on the negative..

I finally got my exam results and am happy to say that I’ll be sashaying my lil’ self across that stage to collect my LLB degree! Lord knows it’s been a long time coming, and these past three years have not been easy. But that’s one big achievement off my checklist – so bring on the celebrations!

Here’s to the many sleepless nights and to the 9ams I intended to attend… it’s been trill!🥂

P.s outfit details listed below!🤙🏾

(Living my life like it’s golden!)

(I was in motion here. That’s all.)

Sunglasses – DTHELABEL.COM

Hoops – H&M

Top – H&M

Dungaree – Primark

Vans – Asos


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